Get to Know Your Daughter or Son through Coaching!

It's worth the work for the value of the shared experiences.

Get to Know Your Daughter or Son through Coaching! screenshot

Coaching Rec-league soccer can be a frustrating experience when you have lots of kids on the team for social reasons and because your role has to be to retain as many kids’ interest in playing a sport as you can. See “The Door isn’t always open” in a post to come.

If you find yourself frustrated by their level of dedication, or their nearly open defiance of your thoughtful efforts to engage and encourage them (misbehavior?), know this!

There is no better way to understand the world your son and daughter is a part of than to see them interact with others, and to hear the focus of classmates during breaks. You get a peek inside the young players worlds.

There are also special things about encouraging your kids to learn, seeing them gain confidence, and seeing their personality flare as they exert themselves.

They’ll also always remember the times and situations that you shared, and have one more memory of how you cared about their young life they were living. The bottom line is:

Get to know your son or daughter by seeing their world and creating shared experiences.


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