How to Kick a Soccer-ball

positively for youth sports - being a coach

Michael Karlin, a Southern California AYSO coach recorded this great instructional video series.

In all my own years of coaching I found his descriptions the easiest and most clear of any I’ve seen ……especially the big power kick that comes naturally to some kids but eludes too many for years of missed opportunity.

It’s EASY, watch the videos and share these with parents and kids. I think the key is that too many people try to teach a high school style kick when a rudimentary sense of a “swing” of a leg needs to be ingrained in muscle memory far before the nuanced foot approach to the ball from further outside with the laces is developed. The PLANT foot.. its all in where the non kicking foot gets planted ! Not what kids want to hear.. counter-intuitive to them ?

Watch the videos.. my words will only confuse you.. . I cede to the master:

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