Game Player Position Assignments

positively for youth sports - being a coach

How to Use it

There are two half fields, one for the first half and one for the second half.

You right the players names in the position they’ll be starting the half at with “/” symbols with two names where players will come out at quarters.. or if you do as I do, pull them in and out sharing time at that position as they get tired(I want them playing full speed when they are in).

You show the kids the diagram with the names one by one before the game.


  • You get the “I want to play that position” discussion over and done with before the game starts and try to stay firm with that.

  • The kids won’t be confused as you’ll have a chance to ask if they understand during the 15 to 20 minutes before the game.

  • The players starting on the sideline will feel confident that they will go in.

  • You’ll know as a youth coach that you’ve been fair about the playing time and not have to stress about how long you’ve had people in… most recreational leagues require that all kids be in for more than half the game.

  • Reduce Drama

Less confusion = more enjoyment and time to focus on their play!

The Technique should work for all youth recreational league sports

Full-Size Blank Page to download below. (right click and “save picture as”)

player assignment diagram

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