Diagrams of position ranges and overlaps

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Really kids should be taught to play in relative positions, however there are periods in their development where you need to balance the idea that they do have responsibilities in certain areas of the field alongside the idea that they need to interact with those in neighboring positions.

I tried some diagrams to show players their normal ranges and to highlight the other players on the field who they’d have to cover for in certain situations.

I know this sort of diagram isn’t really orthodox, and even if it is a good idea other people would draw position ranges differently.

You could use the blank field and draw your ideas with colored pencil etc.

As a parent coach, avoiding kids feeling confused seems to be a bigger priority that perfect text-book game developoment.

Learning to work together is a high priority too, but I also believe that can be illustrated with the overlaps on top of teaching the core triangle passing in practices.

These aren’t a substitute for teaching the triangle passing game.

I include a few and might put a gallery of many up for people to use or ignore at their own pleasure.

Right click and “save picture as” if you’d like to print these

player assignment diagram

player assignment diagram

player assignment diagram

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